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High-Speed-Chimps on Motorcycles!

You know I’m really starting to get annoyed with people who ride motorcycles and act like assholes. That’s right this is my very first blog where I used the word “assholes.” Maybe, not the first! I think the word “assholes” really defines who they are without any other modifying words in the sentence. Everybody knows an “asshole.” Enough said about “assholes.”

I don’t know if these groups have possibly watched the Mad Max movies too many times or possibly they didn’t get enough oxygen at birth. I definitely don’t want to go down the road that because they watch a movie, played a videogame or some other bullshit it’s just not their fault. One YouTube video that I watched showed a group of these chimps on motorcycles blocking lanes on the highway so that they could do some type of shenanigans.

I guess if they want to put themselves at risk that’s fine with me, maybe, it’s time to start thinning the herd a little bit. But the idea that they could lose control of their motorcycles and possibly put other people at risk who are not participating in their illegal behavior pisses me off. I guess they just don’t care about the outcome of their behavior. This is a pretty good indication of the reduced density of brain cells in their brains.

I guess these high-speed-chimps aren’t smart enough to figure out if they continue this behavior they’re going to ruin it for the whole motorcycle community. But it is unlikely that they have any interest in what’s good for the motorcycle community. I really see laws being legislated that limit the number of motorcycles in a group or some other bullshit.

Let the states legislate laws to take away their personal property if they’re caught operating a motorcycle recklessly on the public roadway. I don’t care, I really don’t care about their constitutional rights or any other rights they have. If you have problems controlling your behavior then other people will make restrictive laws to control your behavior for you. It’s that simple!

I want to make this perfectly clear I’m not opposed to motorcyclists doing stunts on motorcycles. Do your stunts in an area where you don’t put other people at risk or try to control the roadway to perform your stunts.