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Where’s my battery charger, man?

Harley-Davidson has pressed the start button again on the assembly line for their electric motorcycle. The LiveWire will be rolling off the conveyor belt and into your H-D local dealership for you to purchase. There was some type of issue with the battery charging system. Apparently, it’s all good now.

I still haven’t wrapped my head around this whole electric motorcycle business yet. I’ve ridden the Zero electric motorcycle a couple of years ago at a demo ride. No doubt, it was way cool! I remember turning the throttle and off I went. No engine rumble to forewarn me of the impending acceleration that was going to take place. There was just a mild humming coming from the electric motor, which increased as I accelerated the motorcycle down the road. I kept reaching for the clutch lever with my right hand and searching for the gear selector with my left foot as I rode the motorcycle. Old habits die hard, or the adage about teaching an old dog new tricks is true.

I’m going to guess after a few years of riding the Zero or any electric motorcycle, the clutch lever and gear selector would fade away from my mind. My right hand and left foot would have to unlearn what they have been taught over the years.

I have mixed feelings about H-D getting into the electric motorcycle business. I want the air/oil-cooled V-Twin engine to go on forever. But I know H-D needs to remain in the motorcycle business, so change is just part of the future landscape. Maybe, in 50 years or so, they’ll have a 2014 H-D Ultra Limited behind glass on display in some museum. As the people stroll by and look through the glass, they might say to each other, “What is gasoline?”

I know a lot of people are bitching about the price, $32,000 out the door. I know you could buy a brand-new Honda Accord for that money. But do you want a fresh Honda Accord or a Harley-Davidson LiveWire? I thought so!

Be safe and enjoy your time on this planet.

Rode a Battery Powered Motorcycle and Chicks Dig Me Now!

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Before you read any farther, I think I need to clear up the title of this blog a little bit first. This needs to be made perfectly clear. Chicks have always dug coolcycledude. Yep, I’m a chick magnet. I guess the truth be told I’m a super conductor chick magnet.  The title of this blog was just a cheap ploy to get you to read it, sorry. You have no idea how low I will stoop to get you to read my blogs.

This last summer I got the opportunity to ride an electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycle, sounds a little bit weird doesn’t it.  Now that I think about it, it was weird.  That’s right a motorcycle that didn’t use any gasoline for fuel. No internal combustion engine, clutch or gearbox. A motorcycle from the future! This would be one of motorcycles that you would say “where in hell do you put the fuel in. Then someone tells you “it doesn’t use gasoline, it uses a battery for fuel.”

Not the plastic ones you rode as kid. With the plastic tires or wheels. I guess you wouldn’t call them tires so I guess wheels are a better term. You know what I’m talking about, remember how cool you looked on it. You were cruising up and down the sidewalk in front of your parent’s house at about 2 to 3 MPH. It seemed pretty dam fast at time. That baby was powered by one of those flashlight lantern batteries with those little springy things at the top. You had 6 Volts of massive power to cruise up and down the block.

I must say it was odd to ride a motorcycle without the pulse of an internal combustion engine between my legs. Instead there was the wine of an electric motor. During the ride I found myself trying to shift gears with my foot out of force of habit. Even though there wasn’t any shift lever or clutch lever. I can remember one time during the ride actually looking down thinking maybe the gear lever had fallen off like on my old Harley sportster. Yep, I owned a Harley sportster during the AMF years and there was no Loctite. Can you see this picture?

That’s right coolcycledude is all about saving the planet. The coolcycledude is a tree huger! Sorry third party speak, trying to build a brand. I don’t want to get rid of all the icebergs so polar bears will have a place to do polar bear stuff. What in the hell are polar bears during on icebergs anyway. But with all that said I do have problems with electric a vehicles that need to recharge their batteries. I think one of the things people forget is that you are just pushing the carbon monoxide production down the chain to a power plant. Imagine if we all decided to get electric cars. One day we wake up just like the Borg and decide to drive electric cars, motorcycles, boats and so forth. The “Borg” was a Star Trek reference sorry about that. Think about the amount of energy that would then be required from our power generating facilities.

I can hear what you are thinking right now “coolcycledude you dummy, we could use solar cells and wind turbines to power our electric vehicles.” Well only thing I have a say is good luck with that and put down the wacky weed. Solar and wind turbines produce about 2% of our energy needs.

I was somewhat surprised on the ability of this electric motorcycle to accelerate. I was expecting a lot slower response than I actually got. But the reality is this motorcycle had some get up and go and it. Riding it felt like I was on a motocross bike. It had a very light feeling to the steering. This motorcycle would probably be a great intro motorcycle to someone just getting started. There are no gears to shift, clutch to operate just turn the throttle and work brakes. It’s just that simple to operate.

I’m not going to go into the technical stuff on this motorcycle I would recommend that you go to  Zero’s website (Link, go ahead click) for that information. I would recommend that you at least schedule a test ride on this motorcycle because there’s a possibility that it may fit your driving style. Please check out my videos on YouTube about riding this motorcycle. The first one being a walk around (Link, go ahead click) then my riding experience part one (Link, go ahead click) and part two (Link, go ahead click).

I would like to thank you very much for taking your time to read my little blog. And if you have a chance please sign up so you can receive e-mail updates when I write another blog. Also don’t forget to follow me on twitter @coolcycledude. Thanks again for reading my little blog.