Getin’ those “Youts” on them Harley-Davidson’s

My wife has been watching the X Games for the last half of our marriage. I don’t see the mass appeal or what she sees in these shenanigans. She stares at the TV almost in some zombie state watching these kids do life-threatening stuff. Sort of like the Hunger Games except the kids have motorized vehicles. To be completely honest, my biggest problem with the X Games is they’re done outside in the cold. That definitely has no appeal for me.

Well, it looks like Harley-Davidson doesn’t see the X Games as shenanigans either. They see it as an opportunity to place two of their new products and give them an old fashioned out-of-the-box appeal. I’m not talking their usual material such as “Ride Free,” “Screw the Man” and the rest of the stuff Harley-Davidson propagates. I’m talking about a precise, well thought out results getting product placement scheme.

The two new products that I’m talking about are the street 500 and street 750 motorcycles. I think these motorcycles are going to give Harley-Davidson an opportunity to enter the other manufacturers’ markets segments. Not just enter, but also have a competitive advantage to take market share from the other manufacturers. So it would appear Harley-Davidson is no longer on the defense, but they’ve moved to an offensive position. The next couple years should tell if this strategy has helped motorcycle sales for Harley-Davidson.

So for the X Games, the “youts” have taken the new model motorcycles, put screws in the tires and used them for a motorcycle ice racing event. Ice racing on motorcycles is nothing new. There are specially designed motorcycles just for these ice racing events. It’s done in cold climates all over the world. One thing is for sure: You’ll never see coolcycledude racing a motorcycle on ice.

So now these kids who participate in the X Games are wearing Harley-Davidson promotional products and ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles in front of targeted demographics… as opposed to Monster, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, the Navy and some type of bubblegum that I don’t know about all over their outfits.

9 thoughts on “Getin’ those “Youts” on them Harley-Davidson’s”

  1. The Harley Davidson brand is recognized world wide and this might be a move that will secure the brand even further and add to the HD culture (we are aging you know). If HD plays this right and the younger (youts) generation buys in, this might just be a sign of marketing genius!

    1. Hey what’s up my motorcycle brother. I hope everything is going well for you. Yep, we are getting old I’ve already ordered my walker. Be safe and ride your Harley-Davidson.

    2. As someone who saved up for two years to buy a CVO and then spent the money on motor company stock instead and kept my Dyna, I hope you’re right. I am anxious to try one of these this fall at the York factory open house.

        1. My local dealer has a 2011 CVO Softail Convertible in red and black with only about 1100 on it. They want about $24k. If they still have it by the time I save up another $20k, I would also be happy with that or a non-CVO ElectraGlide.

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