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Replicate or Innovate?

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I don’t know about you, but it really pisses me off when companies replicate instead of innovate. Case in point: I’m looking at two new Indian motorcycle bagger models. The Indian Chieftain Limited and the Indian Chieftain Elite. Both of these motorcycles look a lot like Harley Davidson’s Street Glide. The motorcycle bagger market is the “cash cow” for HD. Road Glides and Street Glides are leaving HD’s factories like bullets out of AR-15 in full auto! Sorry about the gun reference, but it fits.

You don’t need a PhD to figure out that Indian’s Chieftain Limited is trying to go head-to-head with HD’s Street Glide Special. Duh! Nor do you need to use a super computer to determine which HD model Indian’s Chieftain Elite is gunning for. Double duh!! Before this goes any further, I own a 2015 Indian Roadmaster and a 2014 HD Ultra Limited. So you don’t need to reply with the following words of wisdom. You suck big time, Harley boy! Or my all-time favorite, “F$$k you, f$$k your Harley, I’m going to kill you when I see you.” Writing a blog is a lot more dangerous than you might imagine.

Okay, you’re probably wondering what’s the point to all of this babble. Companies that replicate will go the way of the dinosaur. Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory and Yamaha have all failed against the motorcycle giant Harley Davidson. In many cases, the other manufacturers built a better mousetrap. But when you compare silhouettes, they were pretty much copies of what was already in the marketplace. The lesson learned is that most consumers don’t want replicas or derivatives, they want the original.

Just so were clear here. Innovation is a tough road to go. It takes balls and a lot of money. To make matters worse, the motorcycle marketplace takes no prisoners. Either you’re going to sell your product or you’re going to shut down the assembly lines. It’s that simple. The fairytale story of four guys building a motorcycle in a shed sounds wonderful and also provides solid street cred for the brand. But the truth is that Wall Street runs the show.

Polaris has resurrected the Indian brand which provided them with some leverage that the other manufacturers didn’t have to use in the marketplace. They also kept true to the design of the prior Indian motorcycle models. That was enough for me to purchase one. I believed they had a line of motorcycles that could stand on their own in the marketplace. With a little patience and a whole lot of money, I’m pretty sure that the Indian brand would be a strong competitor with Harley Davidson in the market place.

But it appears, Polaris is running out of patience and looking at their stock prices and seem to be running out of money. I find this a troubling trend to parallel what Harley Davidson is doing. In my opinion, this strategy threatens the brand’s survival in the marketplace.

Since I can’t just grab photos of Harley Davidson’s Street Glide Special or Indian’s Chieftain Limited off of the internet. This act could land me in copyright jail. I provided two links below. Do me a favor, click on these links below and compare them. I’d like to hear your thoughts about the two motorcycles.

Harley Davidson’s Street Glide Special

Indian’s Chieftain Limited

Kill Kill Kill!

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Yep, that white stuff is on the ground again. It happens every year about this time. Depression sets in immediately. I am separated from My Mechanical Friends who are in motorcycle purgatory for the next 4 to 5 months. One of MMFs in our garage and the other three are in storage facilities. Yep, that’s right I refer to my motorcycles as “My Mechanical Friends.” I like to use the acronym “MMF” on a regular basis.

So I ask myself these life questions every year at this time. Why does the earth have to be tilted? Why can’t it be straight up and down? Why can’t the sun step up the fusion process in the winter months? Why can’t it snow in Arizona for a couple of years? Where in the hell is my Scooby Doo lunchbox from second grade? Why did I waste so much time watching the “Lost” television series?

Gone but not forgotten MMF.
Gone but not forgotten MMF.

I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t I live somewhere where it’s warmer? Ah, to live in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida or Arkansas. I could ride 10 to 12 months out of the year. Coolcycledude even got the wife’s okay, she said “go ahead and move.” Good thing coolcycledude is fluent in woman / wife speak. “Go ahead and move” really means “I dare you.”

Well, either way the snow, cold and ice will be here to stay in the state of ILL for a while. Damn! I’m not very happy about that either. Angry might be a better term. I could read a few books. Maybe, I could spend some time learning how to use damn cable remote. Of course there’s always solving some of the world’s problems. But that’s not going to happen! Nope,no,no way. I need to release my pain. So the only thing left to do is KILL KILL KILL!!!! Let carnage begin!

That’s right my winter nights will be spent killing, playing the guitar, eating and going to the gym. Yep, pretty much in that exact order. It couldn’t be a better time for destroying my newly digitized enemies with the release of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Time to blow some shit up! Boom Boom Baby Boom!

I’ll be sending my virtual enemies to that great digital void one after another. Their memory locations are overwritten as I slaughter them one by one. Their existence will only last milliseconds as I scatter their pixelated parts in every direction on the LED screen.

I’m a Video Game Psychopath. I sure sound dangerous. That’s because I am. Very very dangerous! In the digital realm I have no empathy or remorse for my actions or my digital victims. I’m a biological killing machine in the land of ones and zeros. I don’t care about leader boards or rankings. The only thing that matters to me is to eliminate my rendered enemies by any means available.

I love the sound of rounds leaving the barrel of my virtual AK-47 in my headphones. The flash on the screen from when I detonate the C4 attached to my enemies tanks sending them back to the hard drive in pieces. As I progress through the games levels the console’s BIOS system starts expand the available memory to create a digital burial ground for my enemies.

Those video game developers spend thousands of hours writing software routines to give my enemies artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, yep that’s going to work against me. Wrong! Those AI subroutines only delay my enemies’ trip back to the RAM. Let them write all they want.

I have an evil CPU installed on my motherboard. The evil CPU has its own instruction set. These instructions include “head-shot bitch”,”kill streak” and “triple kill.” The software programmers just can’t create the “Video Game Psychopath” subroutine. Maybe, when Sony introduces the PS25 they might have a chance.

I know what you’re thinking. Coolcycledude you need help and there’s too much violence in the world already, why are you playing those damn video games. And my answer is “because the only place where I like to see violence is the digital realm.” Ride your motorcycle if you can and be safe!

ABS coming to motorcycle near you soon!

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I know there’s a big debate on whether ABS makes a motorcycle any safer to operate. I know I could operate my motorcycle without ABS safely. I understand the concept if the tires aren’t rolling during braking, I’m relying on a small patch of rubber to stop me. I hear a lot of people say “you really don’t need that extra crap on your motorcycle.” I’m sure the manufacturers don’t like the idea of adding an extra cost to their motorcycles. So the debate rages on yay or nay.

I’m going to go with yes for a whole other reason. There are a lot of people on motorcycles now who didn’t go through the same motorcycle apprenticeship that I did. What do I mean by motorcycle apprenticeship? Let’s run down memory lane here. The first motorcycle derivative I rode was a Briggs & Stratton power mini-bike, somewhere around 3 ½ horse power. It had a friction clutch, rear drum brake, no suspension and no gears. I rode that baby for about four years destroying the backyard.

Next on the docket was Honda Mini Trail 50 with a three speed gearbox. I drove that sucker like I stole it for the next two years. Then things got a little serious! I got a Honda XR 75 and drove it around in the dirt against others like a madman. Driving like a madman paid off. I then drove a Honda Elsinore 125 cc against my colleagues in the dirt. I finally hit the big time when my parents equipped me with a Honda Elsinore 250 cc. By the time I got my official Illinois motorcycle driver’s license I had approximately 8 years of experience on motorized two wheel vehicles.

Okay, back on track! What really scares me are people going through a 20 hour motorcycle safety class and getting an official Illinois motorcycle driver’s license. Fifteen of the 20 hours are the actual time spent operating a motorcycle to meet the licensing requirement. So a motorcycle noob drives a motorcycle around in a parking lot for 15 hours and is ready for the big time? I know what you’re thinking, people learn faster nowadays than they used to. They’ve got Google, iPads, online learning and so forth.

Riding a motorcycle safely is all about decision-making. Decision-making is all about recalling relevant events contained in memory to solve problems. I’m a firm believer that 15 hours of driving around in a parking lot leaves a person on the low-end of the effective decision-making spectrum.

The EU has done some studies showing that ABS reduces motorcycle fatalities. They’re suggesting that motorcycles 125cc and above with ABS could save approximately 5,000 lives. These 5,000 lives would be saved between 2014 and 2020 per the study. The EU is currently working on legislation to mandate ABS on motorcycles 125cc and above. I think it’s time for the manufacturers to look at the studies and realize that equipping their motorcycles with ABS will produce a lot more potential live customers.

High-Speed-Chimps on Motorcycles!

You know I’m really starting to get annoyed with people who ride motorcycles and act like assholes. That’s right this is my very first blog where I used the word “assholes.” Maybe, not the first! I think the word “assholes” really defines who they are without any other modifying words in the sentence. Everybody knows an “asshole.” Enough said about “assholes.”

I don’t know if these groups have possibly watched the Mad Max movies too many times or possibly they didn’t get enough oxygen at birth. I definitely don’t want to go down the road that because they watch a movie, played a videogame or some other bullshit it’s just not their fault. One YouTube video that I watched showed a group of these chimps on motorcycles blocking lanes on the highway so that they could do some type of shenanigans.

I guess if they want to put themselves at risk that’s fine with me, maybe, it’s time to start thinning the herd a little bit. But the idea that they could lose control of their motorcycles and possibly put other people at risk who are not participating in their illegal behavior pisses me off. I guess they just don’t care about the outcome of their behavior. This is a pretty good indication of the reduced density of brain cells in their brains.

I guess these high-speed-chimps aren’t smart enough to figure out if they continue this behavior they’re going to ruin it for the whole motorcycle community. But it is unlikely that they have any interest in what’s good for the motorcycle community. I really see laws being legislated that limit the number of motorcycles in a group or some other bullshit.

Let the states legislate laws to take away their personal property if they’re caught operating a motorcycle recklessly on the public roadway. I don’t care, I really don’t care about their constitutional rights or any other rights they have. If you have problems controlling your behavior then other people will make restrictive laws to control your behavior for you. It’s that simple!

I want to make this perfectly clear I’m not opposed to motorcyclists doing stunts on motorcycles. Do your stunts in an area where you don’t put other people at risk or try to control the roadway to perform your stunts.


2014 Harley-Davidson Street 500

I finally got the opportunity to see Harley-Davidson’s new motorcycle—the Street 500—up close and in person at the 2014 International Motorcycle Show in the Chicagoland area. There it was, in Harley-Davidson’s designated floor space. Only the 500 and not the 750. Yep, I got to sit on it, touch it and to be completely honest with you, I did some fondling.

I spent a lot of time researching these new motorcycles on the Internet and looking at the pictures. But nothing beats the experience of the light energy bouncing off of it going into my eyes and being plastered in the back of my brain. I’m no expert in motorcycle marketing, but I really think these two new motorcycles are going to give Harley-Davidson an opportunity to penetrate other manufacturers’ similar product markets.


This is definitely a rogue move for Harley-Davidson. A lot of people will suffer undue pain because these motorcycles are currently manufactured in India. This isn’t the first time that Harley-Davidson has had motorcycles built in other countries and glued on their nameplate or spray-painted it on the tank. Harley-Davidson wants to be a global company and manufacturing “stuff” in other countries is just part of the framework.

Well, let’s start with the engine, it definitely looks a lot like a scaled-down V-Rod engine. I’m assuming it is because that seems to be a proven technology that has served Harley-Davidson well. It’s a V-twin with a 60 degree spread, four valves per cylinder with water flowing through its veins to keep it cool. It has a name and it’s called “Revolution X.” Currently the Revolution X engine will come in two sizes a 500 and a 750. It definitely looks good in the frame. The engine is all blacked out.


The Street 500 had one disk in the front and another disk in the back to provide the deceleration for these two motorcycles. The rear wheel is rotated by a belt drive from the engine. The exhaust system is a two into one on the right side of the motorcycle and it is also blacked out. The rims look to be casted with no special design in mind. The air cleaner seems rather large probably to keep the engine from suffocating.

This baby comes equipped with Michelin tires, a 140 x 15 in the back and a 100 x 17 in the front. I don’t know if this motorcycle has ABS. I guess I should’ve done little research before I started writing this, but that would require extra work. I’m pretty sure that if this model doesn’t have ABS future models will. I know the EU is going to require motorcycles to have ABS braking systems in 2016.


No traction control on this baby. None of that electronic fancy boy crap to muck up the riding experience. Standard controls on the bars include the start button, kill switch and turn signals. The key switch is buried under the uneventful speedometer. I’m going to guess that the speedometer provides very little information to the rider. But there’s a strong possibility that I’m ill informed. I’m a big fan of having a tachometer, so I hope it’s their when I get to ride his baby sometime in June.

I do have a few complaints about this motorcycle. Part of the wiring harness near the back of the motor on the right side is what I would consider somewhat exposed. I definitely see this portion of the wiring harness somehow hidden behind the frame and future models. Some of the welding looked a little crappy. I especially didn’t like the weld job that attaches the foot brake pivot point. Definitely not cool. I’m sure these things are minor production problems which will be corrected in the future.


While at the show, I did my own market research. Stood by the Street 500 and watched how many people got on and off it in about a 15 minute time frame. Seven people took their time out from the show to sit on the motorcycle and turn the throttle, squeeze the brake and clutch levers. A few bounce around on the suspension and twist the handlebars back and forth rubbing the front wheel into the carpet. One guy went as far as to adjust the mirrors. That behavior was somewhat confusing. I’m guessing he was actually projecting himself riding the motorcycle. Sure why not.

I’m going to guess that if I was born 35 years later, I would be riding one of these motorcycles. I definitely would choose the 750 over the 500. It is by no means perfect, but for a 20-year-old kid without a lot of cash, it offers the opportunity to ride the ultimate branded motorcycle. These two motorcycles will give a lot more people access to becoming part of the Harley-Davidson tribe… a very good thing for Harley-Davidson because their current demographics seem to have one foot in the grave.


I’m going to guess these vehicles are very important to Harley-Davidson’s global sales strategy. I’m sure Harley-Davidson has been drooling about getting some of the market share of the 10 million motorcycles sold in India each year. Failure to participate in this market will sooner or later devastate the company.

Getin’ those “Youts” on them Harley-Davidson’s

My wife has been watching the X Games for the last half of our marriage. I don’t see the mass appeal or what she sees in these shenanigans. She stares at the TV almost in some zombie state watching these kids do life-threatening stuff. Sort of like the Hunger Games except the kids have motorized vehicles. To be completely honest, my biggest problem with the X Games is they’re done outside in the cold. That definitely has no appeal for me.

Well, it looks like Harley-Davidson doesn’t see the X Games as shenanigans either. They see it as an opportunity to place two of their new products and give them an old fashioned out-of-the-box appeal. I’m not talking their usual material such as “Ride Free,” “Screw the Man” and the rest of the stuff Harley-Davidson propagates. I’m talking about a precise, well thought out results getting product placement scheme.

The two new products that I’m talking about are the street 500 and street 750 motorcycles. I think these motorcycles are going to give Harley-Davidson an opportunity to enter the other manufacturers’ markets segments. Not just enter, but also have a competitive advantage to take market share from the other manufacturers. So it would appear Harley-Davidson is no longer on the defense, but they’ve moved to an offensive position. The next couple years should tell if this strategy has helped motorcycle sales for Harley-Davidson.

So for the X Games, the “youts” have taken the new model motorcycles, put screws in the tires and used them for a motorcycle ice racing event. Ice racing on motorcycles is nothing new. There are specially designed motorcycles just for these ice racing events. It’s done in cold climates all over the world. One thing is for sure: You’ll never see coolcycledude racing a motorcycle on ice.

So now these kids who participate in the X Games are wearing Harley-Davidson promotional products and ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles in front of targeted demographics… as opposed to Monster, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, the Navy and some type of bubblegum that I don’t know about all over their outfits.

I sure hope they don’t f**k this up.

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Polaris motorcycle sales of Victories and Indians took a backward slide after the introduction of Harley-Davidson’s brand-new 2014 motorcycles. According to Forbes magazine, Polaris’s motorcycle sales took a 7% slide. Ouch! This is probably not what the Board of Directors at Polaris were expecting. According to what I read in the Wall Street Journal, one of the board members told the CEO of Polaris industries “you better not f**k this up.” I wonder where a slide in sales falls with relationship to f**king this up.

The CEO of Polaris industries said ”that the introduction of the Indian motorcycles is like having a baby you have to nurture it and help it grow for the future.” I got a feeling he’s going to be breast-feeding that “baby” for a long time. I’ve ridden all three Indian models several times and they are very nice motorcycles. I believe they‘re a really competitive products in a very crowded market segment. So, I’m thinking something biblical is going to need to happen to increase Indian motorcycle sales.

To make things worse I had to drive to Indiana and Wisconsin to demo the Indian motorcycles. Not a single Indian dealer in the state of Illinois. Indian has deal on their website that they’ll pay for an airline ticket to get to a dealer. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? I believe I mentioned this previously in another blog, I’m somewhat confused why Polaris did not put a strong dealer network in place before they released the Indian motorcycles.

I spoke with one of the Victory dealers that is near me. With a big frown on his face he tells me “Polaris wants him to double the floor space that he currently has in order to sell Indian motorcycles.” Then a smile appears on his face while he’s looking around his store and he tells me “if I double the space, I could turn this into a pretty nice restaurant.” Okay, I guess selling motorcycles must not be the greatest gig in the universe.

Harley-Davidson on the other hand has pumped out 71,000 new motorcycles since the introduction of the Project Rushmore in August of 2013. These sold units correlate in to a 9% increase in sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I guess the Project Rushmore was the ticket to sell motorcycles. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Coolcycledude get off your Harley-Davidson soapbox.”

First off I don’t own a soapbox, second I think I would buy an Indian motorcycle if I didn’t have to travel to another state and the wife lets me. I’m just concerned that the Three Stooges are in charge of the destiny of what I consider some really cool motorcycles. I sure hope they don’t f**k this up.


Polaris is out for blood!

Well Harley Davidson better pick up the pace because Polaris is out for blood. Polaris now has two contenders to devalue the HOG stock prices. You’ve got the old one-two-punch with Victory motorcycles and now the Indian motorcycles. Harley-Davidson better start bobbing and weaving and get to a neutral corner. Well maybe not to a neutral corner anyhow.

Polaris is going to have a tough epic battle against Harley Davidson. I’m talking Star Wars epic battle! The movie where the evil half robot dude says to Luke Skywalker, “I am your father, Luke.” Got the picture now? Sure, smashing the other manufacturers of snowmobiles and side-by-sides is on Polaris’ resume. But now they’re on a path that has seen other manufacturers fall to the wayside.

Let’s take for instance one of the motorcycles that I own. The Honda VTX 1800 which became available to the public in 2002. This baby has a powerful V-twin and all kinds of other amenities which make it a really nice motorcycle for cruising. Honda sure thought they had a product which was going to pull the air out of Harley Davidson’s sail. Honda tried emulating the aftermarket parts business, customer experience and tried creating a “Honda VTX” tribe. In 2008 Honda stopped manufacturing the VTX 1800, boom there it is, complete and total annihilation. Not even a blip on Harley-Davidson’s radar screen.


Next in the ring was Kawasaki with their Vulcan 2000. Another super-sized V twin making gobs of torque and horsepower. A little bit of a change up from the Honda which had a water-cooled cylinder jackets. The Kawasaki had a head cooling system to remove the unwanted heat from this 2000 cc engine. I guess cooling the heads gave this motorcycle more street cred with the Harley Davidson disenfranchised. I got a chance to ride this motorcycle and it did have one problem maneuvering at low speeds was a definite workout. Kawasaki removed it from the lineup in 2010. Another blip on the radar screen.

Yamaha on the other hand is still producing cruiser motorcycles that try to compete in Harley Davidson’s market segment. They’ve actually started a second company which they referred to as “Star.” Yamaha refuses to give up even though they have lackluster sales numbers in this market segment. Their motorcycles are considerably cheaper than Harley Davidson’s motorcycles, but I guess that’s not enough to distract someone from finding a Harley Davidson dealer.

The only real contender is Victory. That’s right, Victory, sort of a fitting name considering what their objective is. Might even have a subliminal message thing going on. Victory is in second place in the large displacement cruiser market. Every time I read this fact I am utterly amazed that an American motorcycle manufacturer was able to push the Japanese and the British to the curb. I’ve ridden the Victory motorcycles on several occasions and if I didn’t have a Harley brain, I’d own a Victory motorcycle.

Polaris’s latest salvo is in the form of the Indian motorcycle brand name. They’ve purchased the brand name from some holding company. Reviving an old nemesis seems like part of Polaris’s master plan for domination. Twenty-seven months later, they have three motorcycles for sale to the public. No doubt they’ve got all of the Victory trials and tribulations incorporated into design and manufacturing of these new motorcycles. I’ve ridden all three of the Indian motorcycles and I wish I had more garage space.

I especially like the Indian Chieftain which is going to be a game changer. In my mind the chieftain was design to go head-to-head with Harley Davidson’s Street Glide. The Street Glide is a very popular model for those people wishing to own a Harley Davidson in the 40s to 50s age bracket.

The two models are pretty much in the same price range. Each one of them has some sort of advantage over the other. So this should be a very interesting time for Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson’s brand loyalty has been written about thousands of times in books, articles, journals, white papers, blogs and so forth. Used as lecture material in major business colleges. Studied under an electron microscope by other motorcycle manufacturers. This loyalty is definitely a powerful tool that can be used to hedge the onslaught of any new contender.

What does Las Vegas say about this epic battle. I have no idea. If there was a roulette table that had motorcycle manufacturers names on the wheels instead of numbers, I’m putting my money on Harley Davidson.

Bad Motorcycle!

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A couple days ago I was at a Harley-Davidson demo ride in Palatine Illinois. The dealer was City Limits Harley-Davidson. I was there for a demo ride. I wanted to ride the Breakout which is a new motorcycle from Harley-Davidson. The Breakout is a brand-new model for this year looks a lot like a modified Softtail was a really wide rear tire and a skinny front tire.

It also has forward foot controls a brand-new speedometer. The key/start switch is located on the left side of the motor. It’s a little lever on top of a little mounting bracket. It’s kind of hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Also they put some drag bars on this motorcycle for what reason I don’t know. The seat is very low to the ground which would be perfect for the inseam challenged.

Got to the dealer did my usual drill and I took a walk around video of the motorcycle that I was going to ride. I spent a few minutes chatting with the sales guys at the dealership asking about business and so forth. Then I spent the rest of my time talking to the other riders waiting in line to demo Harley-Davidson motorcycles. There’s always a bunch of characters at a Harley-Davidson demo ride. I think they could actually turn it into a sitcom.

I came across this one kid, I can call him “kid” because I’m twice as old as he is. Damn, it feels weird to write something like that. What the hell am I going to do? That’s my criteria from now on from calling somebody kid. He was looking forward to riding the Harley-Davidson 72. He said he was a little bit nervous because he’s never been to a demo ride before. He also proceeded to tell me that he never rode a Harley before. I told him “clutch, brake and gear changer… same old shenanigans just like on your motorcycle.”

He proceeds to tell me “Oh, I don’t have a motorcycle. I ride my friend’s motorcycle.” I’m thinking to myself, “Cool, riding somebody else’s motorcycle for free. Nice gig if you can get it.” We continue to make small talk about all kinds of things. I thought it was time to ask the most important question that was running through my mind. “How often do you ride your friend’s motorcycle?” I’m expecting 50 to 75 times. He fires back “twice.” The word twice rolls around in my head a few times thinking that maybe I misunderstood him.

My little brain is starting do the math. He had to have a motorcycle to get an Illinois motorcycle driver’s license. Okay, there’s one time he drove a motorcycle. And if you add the other two times, now you have three total times. Then all of a sudden then my brain engaged, there was a loud clunk. Just like a Harley when you put it in gear. It’s sometimes embarrassing when people are standing next to me. It’s a lot like farting, but it comes from my head.

So I ask him, “You must have practiced a lot with a motorcycle before you took your test.” He looks at me shaking his head, kind of proud and tells me. “I rented one. They delivered it to the driver’s facility and I passed the tests the first time without ever driving a motorcycle.” Immediately I’m thinking this kid has got really good hand eye coordination. Because I know that I would’ve been able to accomplish that.

Okay, whom I to judge maybe the kid is gifted or something. He could possibly be a future Moto GP racer or something along those lines. Enough chitchat, time to get back to the main mission to have a good time and ride some Harley-Davidson motorcycles for free. Yeah baby! I told him “give it hell and have a good time.” He smiled and walked away.

I walked up to register to ride on the Breakout and found out due to my lollygagging I had missed the spot and had to wait for the next group. Okay, cool what’s the big deal. I waved to my new friend sitting on a bright yellow Harley-Davidson 72. He waved back. Still had that same smile on his face. Like someone had just pumped some drug into his veins. I’m assuming his high was because he was sitting on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle getting ready to go for a ride.

I backed away to a far corner in the parking lot and thought to myself,  “I’ve never videotaped a group leaving from the beginning of a demo ride.” Yep, it was definitely time to raise the bar at coolcycledudeTV. So there I was videotaping the riders leaving between the cones and thinking to myself I should get an Oscar for this. All the sudden I heard a loud smash and instinctively turned my video recorder in that direction. Like a true journalist.

Well lo and behold the kid had the motorcycle under a car in the parking lot and he was still on the motorcycle. The guys managing the demo ride ran over to him as fast as their feet’s could propel them. I mean I never saw so many fat old guys in Harley clothes moving so fast in my life. It was a good 40 yards from the tractor-trailer to where the kid had put the motorcycle under the car. But they traveled the distance in record time. They were also probably calling Harley-Davidson corporate lawyers during the sprint.

They pulled him out from under the smashed up yellow 72. He didn’t seem to have a scratch on his body which is probably a good thing. He was definitely shaken up and the smile was gone from his face. They took him inside to the dealer probably taking some information from him. I was a bit surprised they didn’t call an ambulance and send him to the hospital just to make sure he didn’t suffer from any internal injuries.

I was sitting on the curve wondering if the demo ride was going to continue when my smiling friend comes up to me and says “that’s a bad motorcycle.” I instantly agreed with him and told him I would stay away from Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He shook his head in agreement and went to his car. What I should’ve told him is that he should stay away from all motorcycles in general.

I guess the lesson I learned from all this is Harley-Davidson Corporation puts itself at great risk by offering these demo rides and I should stay away from bad motorcycles.

Where in the Hell is my long underwear? The half-life of vardenafil is between 4 and 6 hours. Vardenafil is excreted mainly by the intestine and, to some extent, by the kidneys. There may be some change in the pharmacokinetic profile of vardenafil in elderly patients and patients with reduced renal and hepatic function.
Just found this video on You Tube and I had to write about. Okay, I know that ride riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. I got that, I really do! But this is some crazy shit. Why don’t they just walk into a walk-in freezer and stand around for a half hour or so. On occasion I’ve got to work in a walk-in freezer to replace evaporator fan motors and such. The air temperature in walk-in freezers is at about -10 °F. It is cold in the walk-in freezer, no cold is the wrong word, its freezing!

I couldn’t imagine riding a motorcycle in temperatures that cold. I can spend about 15 to 20 minutes maximum in the walk-in freezer before I need to get out. It will become painfully cold very fast at those temperatures. Check this out  Move the mouse on “Check this out” a click.