Hello my name is Bill Whitman. 20 years in porn industry has left me very very sore. Wrong, I wish, sorry. I’m married with two dogs, no kids. I was HVACR / Welding / Electronics teacher for about 21 years and that career has come to an end. Being a teacher was a wonderful way to spend all of those years of my life. I am currently working  for CBRE as a refrigeration tech for a large hospital in downtown Chicago. But, my real passion has always been and will always be motorcycles. It’s weird how some unknown force or event in your life causes you to follow a certain path. The one thing that remains constant in my life has been riding motorcycles.  All of the diversions in my life have come and gone.

Currently I own 4 motorcycles:

2008 Honda Goldwing

2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring

2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

2015 Indian Roadmaster


I’ve been riding some form of motorcycle for about 40 years now. That’s a long time to do one particular thing in your life. I would like to provide you with some of my thoughts. Some are related to motorcycles and others are not. If you have time please read my blogs. I would like to thank you in advance.

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My Twitter handle is @coolcycledude

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My You Tube channel is coolcycledude

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  1. Is it ok to add you to my emailing list for press release information. You might find some contact you would like to share……please let me know.

    Best Regards,
    Joe Distefano

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  2. Bill, I have been thinking about making a purchase on a 2014 black custom 1400. This would be a second bike (other is a 2009 Road Glide). I have to say the stock exhaust does not do the bike justice. I like the looks but there is no character to the sound they give off. All I’m looking for is a little more rumble. I have seen after-market mufflers for the bike but they all look like a dildo sticking out of a gas tank. I was wondering what or if any changes you have made to yours. It amazes me nobody has come up with a good looking muffler. I did see a company does make a new full set-up, but it looks very bronze, not my cup of tea. I should be a designer, I would be rich. Thanks, Brian

    1. Brian,
      I’d stay away from the custom because of the handlebars, I’d made custom into a touring model. Also, Moto Guzzi is coming out with two new variations of the custom and one variation of the touring model. I wrote about in my blog. I’d wait a little bit.

      I’d be careful about modifying the exhaust system. Some states are giving out tickets without measuring the noise level. They’re just checking to see if you modified it.

      I added heated grips, windshield, passing lamps, trunk, trunk rack, seat,side bags and side bag guards.

  3. i have a question i watched your demo of ht harley 750 would you get this bike over a 883 for a new rider how wants to start riding but also wants to go on longer rides i personaly think thay will have to upgrade to a crouser type before doing that but might be able to ride 500 mile days on somthing this size what are your thoughts 750 883 or somthing else please let me know and thank you for your time

  4. Hey Bill, I stumbled across your youtube channel and enjoy your videos, I’m in the market to purchase my first Harley, probably a Road King, so like I said I like your videos of your demo rides. I thought i read somewhere you are from Lombard, IL, My family moved out to the Lombard- Glen Ellyn area back in 1973, I graduated from Glenbard East in 1974, I think your about my age, I live in Florida now great state for bike riding, 12 months a year. well let me know if you were around the Lombard area in 1973 thru 1974. If not, keep up the good work with your videos, I enjoy them. Tom Beck

    1. Hey Tom,
      Thanks for your support on the YouTube! I buy a lot dog and cat food with the money. Yep, been here almost my whole life. Our paths must have crossed more than a few times at GE. Too many damn bugs and too damn hot in FL for me!!!! The Road King is good choice. It uses the touring frame which has air-shocks. Make sure you demo ride Road King, also look at Street Glide Special. Whichever motorcycle you choose be safe!

  5. Hi Bill,

    Can you share with me what camera you are using and how it is mounted when you are taking the videos?

    Thank you,

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